Autodesk University 2022 - Proposals

Symetri will join Autodesk University 2022 and have proposed several sessions. You'll find a summary of all our session proposals below and if your interested in a topic make sure to give it a vote! 

Building & Infrastructure

Detail Rebar like a PRO

Speaker: Jonathan Hand
Get familiar and upskilled with the Revit tools for reinforcement. In this session you will learn how to use the Naviate Rebar tool to add steel reinforcement to beams, columns, footings... read more.

45 Revit tips in 45 Minutes

Speaker: Jonathan Hand
Based on my TikTok @revittips channel, I will showcase my favourite 45 tips for working Autodesk Revit. Discover some top-secret Revit features that will cut the tedium and boost your ability in using Revit... read more. 

45 Autodesk Construction Cloud Tips in 45 Minutes

Speaker: Jonathan Hand
In this session, I will showcase my favourite 45 tips for working and configuring your Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) software. Discover some top-secret ACC software features that will cut the tedium and boost your ability in using ACC... read more.

23 Years of Information Management at Heathrow

Speaker: John Williams
Following on from a similar class in 2019, "20 Years of Information Management at Heathrow", in this class, you’ll hear from two industry experts who’ve been on a 23-year journey, transforming information management... read more.

The BIM360/ACC BIG Archive Saga.. – How can I deliver?

Speaker: Ray O Mahony
BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud services are currently being utilised by many contractors, designers and owners. One thing that these avid users are finding is that they are unable to archive and handover all project data to paying customers at key milestones of a project... read more.

Product Design & Lifecycle

Easy CAD IT Management: Licence Monitoring & Deployments for Hybrid Working

Speaker: Christopher Atherton
The need to maintain licence compliance whilst flexibly being able to implement CAD software has never been more important.  Add to that the increased complexity of managing users in a hybrid / home working setup and the ever more restrictive security on workstations, the challenges and costs for IT and cad administrators mounts up... read more.

Is your Business ready to welcome Autodesk Fusion 360 Users?

Speaker: Cheryl Sneddon
See how Autodesk are building the next generation of design, engineering, and manufacturing personnel through Education. Join this session as a sneak peek into the exciting world of Autodesk Fusion 360 into Education, are you ready to welcome new student who now have the skills to use Fusion 360? Read more.

”One” Click VR and AR from Inventor.

Speaker: Martin Saldert
In today’s time pressed and restricted travel scenario using VR and AR can save companies enormous amounts of time. When looking at your design in a collaborative virtual world together with all stakeholders you can identify and correct issues instantly in the same session... read more.

Autodesk Vault within a regulated industry - Regulate your Vault!

Speaker: Ray O Mahony
Autodesk Vault (PDM) enables users to control and manage their design data from concept, right through to design and manufacture. Within a regulated industry there several key steps, systems along with collaboration with other departments to adhere before final phase, implementation of a project, or product delivery... read more.


Webinar: Nyheter i Revit 2023

20 mai 2022

Benytt anledningen til å høre på Symetris Patric Bryntesson, som guider deg igjennom de største nyhetene for arkitekter og ingeniører i Revit 2023.

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Nordic BIM Summit 2022

01 juni 2022

Endelig! Vi har åpnet for påmelding til årets Nordic BIM Summit, ett av de største nordiske events for deg som jobber innen Bygg- og infrastruktur. 

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TechTimen: Kommende og tidligere

30 juni 2022

Hold deg oppdatert med vår webinar-serie TechTimen. Vi viser deg tips og triks, nye funksjoner og beste praksis for løsningene våre. Alle webinarer er gratis og blir spilt inn slik at du kan se dem på forespørsel.

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