Free whitepaper: Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

Get practical advice on how you can achieve a clear and appropriate Digitalisation Strategy.

Free whitepaper: Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

In our free copy you will get practical advice on how to achieve a clear and appropriate Digitalisation Strategy.

You will learn about:

  • The challenges and new opportunities in the industry
  • How to take into consideration the whole Value Chain
  • How is Digital Twin connected to your strategy
  • The Business values of Industrial IoT
  • 4 recommended steps to make your company truly digital

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Nurturing success – Andreas Näsman

16 mars 2021

Andreas Näsman is the Sales Manager for the Swedish manufacturing team. His day to day work is all about supporting his team of technical experts, product developers and account managers and supporting customers directly.

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Symetri lanserer Sovelia Visualizer

03 desember 2020

Sovelia Visualizer. Sovelia Visualizer er en helt ny løsning som gjør det mulig for Autodesk Inventor-brukere å se konstruksjonsdata i sanntids-3D og AR (Augmented Reality) eller VR (Virtual Reality). Brukerne av Sovelia Visualizer får også fullstendig tilgang til modellens egenskaper og annen informasjon som legges til i designfasen.

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