Sovelia PLM

An easy-to-use and scalable PLM solution. Available as pre-packaged templates at a fixed delivery price.

Sovelia provides a LEAN approach to PLM

Sovelia PLM helps companies attain sustainable and lean business processes throughout the product lifecycle, from concept phase to disposal and recycling of the product. Sovelia PLM is easy to configure and provides full capabilities to manage and access product data at different steps of the product lifecycle. Our PLM solution is a combination of pre-configured tools and processes that have been proven in the industry.

Sovelia PLM has a built-in administration interface with the necessary capabilities to adjust configurations as required and set system parameters without any programming skills. The industry-standard look and feel of the user interface make it easy to use, allowing fast adaptation and operation performance.


Our investment in a Lean PLM system has been the key to delivering larger volumes and increasing personal user efficiency by an average of 20%.
Per Benkowski, CTO, Scandinova Systems AB, Sweden
Sovelia PLM is deeply integrated into the different functions of our company, ensuring the quality and availability of product information in product development, production, supply chain and after sales.
Jari Heikkinen, Director, R&D and Quality, Oy Sisu Auto Ab

Sovelia PLM Templates

Our PLM templates are the result of over 25 years’ experience of PDM and PLM implementations in different companies and industries. Our templates support industry best practices yet are flexible enough to allow the solution to be adapted to meet the specific needs of your company.

Sovelia® Item and BOM Management

The Sovelia Item and BOM Management template includes items, structures and documents. Template functionalities can be integrated with almost all CAD systems on the market to create product structures, documents and other product-related information.

Sovelia® Production View

The Sovelia Production View template enables the creation of production structures according to the different phases of production. Production structures can be sent instead of, or in addition to, the traditional E-BOM transfer to ERP.

Templates will help production planning to create and maintain PBOM in PLM and any change in the EBOM structure can easily be updated in production on the ERP system.

Sovelia PLM consist of the following Production View features:

  • Linking EBOM items with Production process phases
  • Support for Phantom assemblies to flatten out the multilevel BOM
  • Virtual view to see the production operation structure before transmittal to ERP
Sovelia® Installed Base Management

Sovelia Installed Base Management is a solution to manage individual product structures and documentation for devices that are going to or have been delivered. The structure of the delivered device can be categorised according to the service requirements, including possible spare parts or maintenance services.

Sovelia® ECM (Engineering Change Management)

Sovelia Engineering Change Management (ECM) template offers the benefits of electronic change management, ensuring that all necessary parties work with the correct product data.

Sovelia® Engineering Change Order

Engineering Change Order (ECO) can be configured to support specific task objects making it possible to share the work among the persons or teams in a controlled way. The ECO process can control item statuses on ERP systems.

Sovelia ECO has the following features:

  • Engineering Change Order Object with custom attributes
  • Ability to link ECO object to other database objects (items, documents)
  • Support for ECO approval process and notification distribution
Sovelia® Engineering Change Request

Engineering Change Request (ECR) will provide an easy and controlled way to document any request for change into product definition. 

Sovelia ECR has the following features:

  • Engineering Change Request Object with custom attributes
  • Ability to link pictures or other documents into ECR object 
  • Support for ECR approval process
Sovelia® Project Data Management

The Sovelia Project Data Management template makes project data management more efficient and the progress of the project easier to follow. Template covers project structures, electronic review and approval processes. Project Template supports to divide the project into phases, tasks, gates (milestones) elements. Project progress can be followed through these checkpoints based on the readiness of the project documentation. 

Sovelia consist of the following Project Control features:

  • Standard project hierarchy objects and project elements with custom data fields
  • Project hierarchy navigation with project task names
  • Possibility to link document(s) and items into any project element
  • Lifecycle support and approval process for project elements and documents
  • URL link functionality for company intranet/extranet distribution
Sovelia® Supplier Collaboration (Extranet)

Sovelia Collaboration template is based on Sovelia extranet functionality that provides a safe and robust way to collaborate and distribute information with external parties.

The functionality enables an easy way to distribute all relevant product information to for instance manufacturing suppliers where the shared information can be the top item of outsourced assembly or a single item. The process can be further automated by linking with Purchase Order process in ERP.

Sovelia® Configurator

Sovelia Configurator provides a way to gain a competitive edge by reducing lead times, automating quote-to-production processes, improving efficiency, reducing the risk of human error and increasing customer satisfaction.

Case studies

Cargotec uses Sovelia PLM for product structure and engineering change management

Cargotec, the leading provider of cargo handling solutions, implemented Sovelia PLM solution for product structure and engineering change management.

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Combined Autodesk Vault - Sovelia PLM solution in use at Normet

Normet, the leading supplier of equipment to underground work, is using combined Autodesk Vault, Sovelia PLM solution.

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NewIcon accelerates deliveries to its customers through product lifecycle management

With all product information available in one place, it is now easier for NewIcon to manage the lifecycle of equipment from start to finish and the product documentation becomes easily available.

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Finding black gold on the ocean floor with Sovelia

When subsea specialist Qinterra Technologies was looking for a new PLM system, they chose Symetri Sovelia.

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Product information management took a new step forward with Vault-Sovelia solution

The introduction of the new ERP-system operated as a driver for acquiring a PLM solution.

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Fewer errors at Lidan Marine with Sovelia PLM

An integration with business systems that manage approval and release processes, ensures that production, purchases and suppliers can only use the latest and approved parts lists and drawings.

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Implementing Sovelia PLM brings quality and control at Fortaco

Making everyday work easier, from design to customer delivery and after-sales activities as the main drivers in choosing Sovelia.

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Arctic Machine manages product information with Sovelia and Vault

Arctic Machine went from construction in Inventor towards process optimisation with product lifecycle management.

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Neil Adcock
Neil Adcock
Product Design & Lifecycle
Marko Aivio
Marko Aivio
Product Design & Lifecycle
Andreas Näsman
Andreas Näsman
Product Design & Lifecycle
Morten Øverby
Morten Øverby
Product Design & Lifecycle

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