Naviate Landuse

Naviate Landuse

Naviate Landuse is a solution built for Revit that not only facilitates the acceleration of project documentation; it also helps optimise working methods.

Save time

Save time...

with full integration in the Revit platform and the collaboration possibilities offered by BIM


Increase control of your data

Increase control of your data...

with the tools you need to generate combined areas automatically



optimise workflows

Optimise workflows...

with a localised pre-configured set op for your Landuse plans


Customised for architects

Naviate Landuse is an application for creating zoning plans according to regulations in Revit.

Quicker and easier when everything works together

Naviate Landuse is fully integrated into the Revit platform and enhances the collaboration possibilities offered by BIM. This naturally applies to the objects included for designing in 2D and 3D. Concepts like the level of detail, material definitions and nomenclature follow common standards.

Full support for localised standards

Naviate Landuse fully supports the Norwegian standards for zoning plans. Output is based on SOSI.

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  • Localised
  • SOSI import
  • SOSI export
  • Combined areas


  • Filter browser
  • Filter elements
  • Colour elements
  • CAD tracker


  • Excel import/export
  • BCF Manager
  • IFC settings
  • Transfer settings


  • Update project
  • Sheet manager
  • Publish

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