Drawing Automation using iLogic

Time and time again I get asked the same question ... how can I automate drawings in Inventor. 

Drawing Automation using iLogic

After some basic training, users can generally scale, position and suppress views via iLogic however come unstuck when they start to try to annotate their drawings.  A while back I put together a basic example of one of the methods we have used successfully at clients to get this done.  

Here is a video showing the use of iLogic to automate drawing dimensions. The PowerPoint used in the video can be found at: https://viewer.autodesk.com/share/59160f3613f3120a64fd4abd


The above video shows a tool called attribute helper.  This is still available and works with Inventor 2018.  Details on how to use it and where to download from can be found at: Mod the Machine - Attribute Helper

Since I created this video I have explored other variations in how to reference the edges / faces to add dimensions.  I find that this method, although effective, doesn't work in all situations eg, if you need to reference circular or specific line elements of an edge.  If you find that this the attribute helper method isnt giving you the ability to place the dims you need (such as when detailing specific pattern members, cylindrical faces etc ... ) then get in touch and we can chat through the various options with you.

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BIM for landskap

04 april 2022

Landskapsarkitektur henger tett sammen med bygg og veg. Prosjekteringsfagene innen bygg har forlengst tatt steget over i BIM-verden – og med verktøy, prosess og metodikk på plass, er det ønsker fra bransjen at landskapsarkitektene går i gang for fullt også.

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