Ripellino ensures growth with BIM

Alessandro Rippelino Architects

When the architectural firm Alessandro Ripellino decided to take the step to BIM planning, in order to meet changing purchaser requirements, it was important to have a user-friendly platform and to be able to deliver high-quality projects in a short time.

Alessandro Ripellino develops cities and creates buildings. The more complex the situation, the more benefit the architects can add. Their latest projects include SEB Arenastaden, Hagastaden, Odde and Liljeholmskajen. As well as creating good and functional architecture, a number of parameters have to be observed, for example purchaser requirements that now increasingly require delivery in BIM format.

"Today, all projects are done in Revit. As we work together on different projects and have to help each other when necessary, everyone needs to have a high level of competence and work in the same way.” Nanna Thelander, Architect SAR/MSA and CAD/IT Coordinator at Alessandro Ripellino Arkitekter


  • Introduce BIM planning
  • Develop efficient and consistent working methods
  • Ensure all staff have a high level of competence


  • Invest in Revit platform with Naviate
  • Cooperation agreement with Symetri as the supplier of all services and solutions
  • Regular on-site support by senior consultant from Symetri


  • One and the same supplier adds structure and confidence to the cooperation
  • With regular technical support the staff have the confidence to take on new challenges
  • Continuous improvements to working methods free up valuable time for creative work

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