Support - License issues logging into Vault

When logging into Vault from Inventor, AutoCAD or any other Autodesk application having a Vault Addin, the message appears:
"The license obtained is incompatible with the server."

Support - License issues logging into Vault

Vault is registered as the wrong edition (Basic, Workgroup, Professional) in the Mircrosoft® Windows Registry or certain registry keys are missing.

Following steps solved the issue:
• Launch windows registry with regedit.exe
• Go to folder "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\PLM\Autodesk Vault xx.0\"
• Edit the key "Edition"
• Change the value from "Basic" to "Workgroup" or "Professional"
• Save the changed value with press button "ok"
• Restart Autodesk Inventor 20xx and log in into Vault


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