Solving problems - Tim Ray

Tim Ray is the Product Manager for Sovelia and has worked at Symetri for 20 years. His days start and end with problem-solving, and everything that goes with it. Luckily, that’s exactly how he likes it.

Solving problems - Tim Ray

Tim usually splits his time between coordinating with different teams online from his home office and travelling for meetings.

“I’m a liaison with the teams, and that entails a lot of discussions with people about all things Sovelia. My job is all about communication and making sure we are putting the right information into the product planning and develop the features that customers want.” Tim says.

Coordinating between customer needs, and many different teams in Symetri has its challenges of course.

“It’s exactly like herding cats” he explains with a laugh. “I get input from four or five different teams internally, and customers of course. My job is basically trying to get everyone to agree on the path forward and making sure it’s what the customers want.”

Change is the constant

Tim has seen many changes throughout the years at Symetri.

“There are changes all the time. Change is the constant” he says.  “When I started, Autodesk had something like ten products. Look at the change just in that alone! Learning how to manage change is another part of the job.”

And manage it he has. Moving from different roles to fit the needs both of the company, and  the customers.

“It’s always been a natural progression in the company to have a go at new things. I’m quite happy with that.” he says and continues “I think if I had stayed doing the same thing, I would have gotten bored. But also, the nature of what we do has evolved, we as a company have evolved, so my role in the company has evolved with that.”

Three years ago, Tim started his current role as Product Manager for Sovelia, and with this role he has been able to shape his work environment with more freedom than before.

“This role was created when I started the job, so it feels very close to my heart since it’s been me who has shaped it. Every day we are still defining it. And every day there is a different problem to solve. And that’s how I like it: constant problems and finding the solutions. That’s the good bit.” Tim says.

Something to live by

One of the bigger changes for Tim was moving from working in a solely UK based team to collaborating with people across northern Europe.

“Adapting to different cultures has been quite interesting. You have to think of how you communicate with people, and it can be a challenge just operating in the same company, to make sure you are all on the same page. But over time you develop the team and you get to know and understand people. It takes some time, but you get there.” he says, and continues “Everyone wants to understand and collaborate, so it’s a friendly world”

Tim attributes the teamwork at Symetri partly to the core values of the company.

“I really like the culture and the values we have and the fact that they are front and centre. It’s a big part of what we do, and they give you something to live by. It’s a really good thing.” he explains.

Adding value completes the day

With a role that allows a lot of freedom of interpretation, in a company that is constantly changing, finding your own measure of success can be an important part of steering your actions and getting a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Tim has done just that.

“For me, the big question is ‘am I adding value’. To ask myself at the end of the day if I have added value to Symetri, if I’ve helped a customer or a colleague or solved a problem. And if you add that value that’s what completes the day for me.” he explains.

When asked what he likes most about working at Symetri Tim doesn’t hesitate for one second to answer.

“The people are the best part.” He says.  “I’m really proud of working at Symetri. And when you start speaking to colleagues and they feel the same way you realise that maybe that’s why we all get on so well and why we all want to solve problems. We all, I think, have that pride in what we do. And feel proud of what Symetri stands for.”

Are you the kind of person that likes solving problems and would like to know more about working at Symetri? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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