New research project between Symetri and Briab to develop digital solutions for more effective fire protection.

Fire protection planning requirements are being improved throughout Europe in response to the fatal Grenfell Tower fire in London in 2017. With the help of digital technology, we can ensure that buildings are properly constructed from the outset, get quicker construction overviews and thereby gain valuable time in a rescue situation.

In December, the number of fires in Swedish households increases. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) reports that rescue services are called to about 6,000 house fires across Sweden every year. An important aspect of firefighting is understanding how a building is constructed and what its fire protection is like – irrespective of the type of building that is on fire. The bigger and taller the building, the more complex the job of firefighting becomes.

With the help of digital solutions like Building Information Modelling (BIM), information and technical data can be shared to ensure that fire protection is planned and built in the correct way. This also makes it possible to share relevant building information with rescue services, property owners and other affected parties in the case of a fire.

Together with Briab, Symetri is starting a research project to speed up the development of a modern and effective fire-protection solution. Our aim is to ensure that our customers can respond to the increasing need for relevant information on fire protection.

Symetri’s technological solutions like Naviate, together with its expertise, allow customers to create, maintain and share information and data. Naviate already has support for fire planning, which is now ready to take on new challenges with increased functionality.

Briab provides expert technical advice and undertakes property development and related management services. Briab is also the developer behind Briab Bimfire Suite, a smart digital platform for fire protection information. Bimfire Suite uses a cloud database with digital rulebooks which automatically define requirements, support detailed planning and simplify control of compliance. First in the product suite is Briab Bimfire Tools, which allows an effective workflow for BIM and fire protection.

Naviate and Briab Bimfire Tools are both integrated add-ons to Autodesk Revit, which is the market-leading solution for the design and development of building projects. By combining these systems, user utility can be maximised whilst ensuring a higher quality of deliveries.

Together, Symetri and Briab will initiate a preliminary study with selected clients to verify the usefulness of existing technology and specify the needs and requirements for new technology.

“By combining our experience and technological competences of BIM and building planning with Briab’s cutting-edge skills in fire protection, we will go a long way to achieving our ambitions to drive the industry in a positive direction with regard to fire protection,” says Per Carlsson, Director Building & Infrastructure, at Symetri. “It is extremely important that the different parts of the chain are working together, especially as the advantages of ensuring an uninterrupted information flow are very valuable. Through our work we want to influence the standardisation work that is currently under way,” says John Norén, New Technologies Business Manager, Briab.

When the preliminary study is finished, we will determine which new features and applications will be developed and have a timeline for them.

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Per Carlsson
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Johan Norén
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Briab turns uncertainty into opportunities through innovative and effective solutions that improve processes, reduce costs and provide security. From our roots in fire protection we have developed into a company of innovative risk-management experts. We are currently adding to our offering with new revolutionising digital products for better fire protection for a building’s lifecycle. With 140 employees, we are the largest independent risk-management experts in the Nordics.
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Per Carlsson

Per Carlsson

Senior Director Nordics, Building & Infrastructure

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