Securely store and manage engineering design data and related documents

Safely manage design data in one central location with Autodesk Vault

Autodesk® Vault® software securely stores and manages engineering design data and related documents, and serves as the pipeline between different workgroups in the Digital Prototyping workflow.

  • Workgroups maintain control over their digital models.
  • Centralisation prevents duplication, confusion, overwriting files.
  • Project leads grant access or control and enable tracked changes.

Speed up the design process with product data management (PDM)

  • Deploy PDM applications in days versus months.
  • Quickly find and re-use design and engineering data.
  • Access revision and lifecycle control tools within the design application.

Collaborate more, both internally and externally

  • Exchange your design data with engineers.
  • Share designs with customers, manufacturing suppliers and design contractors.
  • Connect workgroups across multiple sites in different locations.

Sovelia PLM

Extend Vault's functionalities with SOVELIA Vault




Anders Mellingen

Anders Mellingen

Director Nordics, Product Design & Lifecycle

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