Bimfire Tools™

Bimfire Tools™

A Revit plugin for BIM integrated fire safety information. Easier, faster, safer.

A Revit plugin for fire safety design, Bimfire Tools lets fire safety information integrate directly into the BIM process for a digital work flow. Intuitive and easy to get going, with immediate results in ongoing projects. Bimfire Tools reduces repetative tasks and frees up time for the fire safety designer to become a more involved part of the design process.

By adapting a digital workflow, the fire safety designer will assume a new role in the design process and add new values to the client. Digital fire safety opens up doors to new business opportunities, innovtive architecture and sustainable construction.

Bimfire Tools is developed by fire safety designers for fire safety designers. Try Bimfire Tools and add quality assurance for an enhanced fire safety design from start to finish.

Collaborate for Fire Safety

We all play our part in co-creating a fire safe world. With Bimfire Tools we aim to make collaboration easier between disciplines while also allowing for a higher degree of control during the design process.

Always updated

Always relevant information from the architect. With Update Visualize you have updated changes from the A-model in an instant.

3D Visualizations

With 3D visualization of fire compartmentation and fire ratings of doors and windows the model is more easily surveyed, and routines for clash controls becomes considerably improved.

A simple worflow

Features for instant rendering of fire safety designs while also getting a 3D model at the same time. Just click and go, select a wall and instantly get the fire rating needed.

Automate redundancy

Insert fire compartments based on the architect's model and defined areas with a click of a button.

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