Revit Architecture with Naviate Essentials, english

The course provides basic knowledge in Revit Architecture with interfaces and working methods to model the building and removal of floor plans, sections and elevations, as well as generate reports and forms.

Kursinnhold: Revit Architecture with Naviate Basic Course

  • Learn about interfaces and navigation
  • Learn about Revit Architecture and Naviate's working methodology
  • Learn about working methodology in Revit and Naviate
  • Learn the drawing of glass facades and window sections
  • Insert stairs stairs and elevator
  • Learn more about furnishing and detailing
  • See how to work with space and forms
  • Learn about drawing production

Benefits with the course Revit Architecture with Naviate Basic Course

Greater understanding of Revit Architecture and Naviate's working methodology
Better overview of modeling elements such as walls, doors, windows and covers
Learn how to furnish and detail in Naviate
Better insights into drawing production in Revit and Naviate

Expected outcome

As a result of this course, you should gain a greater understanding of how to start a project in Revit, put out walls, covers, roofs and facades - and how to use objects / families and make changes to them. You also need to know how stairs and elevators work across multiple levels, how to make facade changes, take out reports and door forms. You will also gain a greater understanding of how to improve drawing production and use Naviate features to work more efficiently.

Expected outcome

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