The Natural Design Company - Revit in construction and renovation projects

The Natural Design Company

Architect Jaakko Pöytäniemi talks about the reasons of using Revit for construction and renovation projects, and the importance of the trainings to have up-to-date knowhow among the architects and designers.

Why use Revit in construction and renovation projects?

Watch the video below, and you will get more insight into how The Natural Design Company with modern software meets their business challenges and provides a great customer experience.

"The main benefits of Revit software are that you can streamline your design project, and you don’t need to spend a long time to set it up or add different wall types or materials to it." Jaakko Pöytäniemi, Architect, The Natural Design Company


Ved å fylle ut dette skjemaet, vil en av våre kolleger kontakte deg så snart som mulig.

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