Monitor, manage and analyse the usage and needs of your company’s software licences

How can CQFlexMon work for you?

CQFlexMon includes several independent modules that can be activated or removed from use as per your company’s needs and requests.

The software scans the licences installed on a server, and retrieves information using a configured time interval and stores it in a structured database (SQL). The client software is installed on the clients that are to analyse the results.

The desired data is always available in both graphical and spreadsheet form and may be monitored in real time or for a specified time range.

Today, more than 500 different licence servers worldwide are monitored by CQFlexMon with information retrieved from more than 100,000 computers.

CQFlexMon modules

Allows you to see all available software suites and their utilisation rates, including the date of max usage.

Calculates the actual utilisation rate for all software licenses; how many hours a certain user, unit, department, or project has used a particular type of licence.

Calculates the costs accrued from the usage of licenses. The total cost for a chosen time period is calculated based on the usage time and hourly rates.

Allows you to target the usage of licenses and the costs to projects.

Gives a clear picture of users who have borrowed licenses. You get information on which software
each user has borrowed and how many days remain.

Allows control of users’ rights to products. The module may be used to restrict the usage of certain products or to reserve products per user, unit, department or project. In addition, it is possible to define products which may not be borrowed and when a license is returned automatically from loan.

Application Monitor allows monitoring of the actual usage of all software installed on all workstations, for example software solutions from Autodesk, Dassault, PTC, Kymdata, Vertex, Siemens, etc. At the same time, it can verify that the installed software meets the licence terms.

Shows the detailed utilisation rate of an individual license in a license group.

User data can be synchronised between the CQFlexMon database and the Active Directory

Locates unauthorized software installations on workstations for:

  • Cracked – protection bypassed licenses
  • Trial licenses
  • 'Not For Resale (NFR)' licenses
  • 'Not Issued By Autodesk' licenses
  • Educational licenses

Etteplan improves the utilisation rate and cost monitoring of its engineering software with CQFlexMon

Do the right people have the right tools, and are the cost allocations going to the right team? In a large engineering company, managing several engineering software solutions is challenging without a good monitoring system.

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