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Optimaliser, automatiser og forbedre kvaliteten på design

Ønsker du å forbedre kvaliteten på ditt designarbeid og jobbe raskere med færre feil?

Med våre løsninger og tjenester innen design og produksjon har vi som mål å støtte deg i designprosessen, redusere design- og produksjonskostnadene og få produktene dine raskere ut i markedet. Les mer om fordelene med automatisering, effektivisering av produktdatahåndtering, simulering og generativ design, samt dokumentering av ulike designforslag.


Med riktig programløsning kan dere

Effektivisere håndteringen

...av tegningsfiler og dokumenter.

Effektivisere gjenbruk av data

Regelmessig sikkerhetskopiere

...bedriftens konstruksjonsdata.

Redusere tidsbruken

...takket være automatisering av rutineoppgaver.

Gjengi virkeligheten

...i et virtuelt miljø.

Automatisering av design, oppgaver og prosesser en løsning som er enkel å konfigurere, tilpasse og raskt kan bearbeide data.


Innovative business decisions are supported by unique technology solutions

By designing an entire hybrid system for buses – covering everything between the fuel tank and the wheels with optimal performance of every component, Vantage Power has created a system that results in higher fuel economy, lower emissions and greater reliability than alternative systems.

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Driving Digital Innovation at Swift - How VR and immersive real-time design review can accelerate the design process

Swift is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes.

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Smart solutions prevent ten-week production stops at Orkla

The Nidar factory in Trondheim with its 300 staff is Norway’s only full-range sweet factory, making everything from chocolate, confectionery, sweets and liquorice to jelly sweets.

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Polarbröd designs and develops their own production premises with support of Symetri and Autodesk solutions

Swedens third largest bread producer develops their own production premises with support from Symetri and Autodesk solutions.

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Penny Hydraulics: Leading the Way with Goods Lifts Design

Penny Hydraulics has been manufacturing bespoke lifting solutions for over 37 years; designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing a wide range of goods lift solutions in the UK including custom design and custom built lifting equipment.

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Sharing business critical information in a reliable and swift way at Parker Hannifin

In the digital working environment at Parker, it is essential that engineering teams can share business critical information in a reliable and swift way, for example with workshop employees.

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Simplified, streamlined and automated processes at Nordan

NorDan has a long tradition of building and designing its own production machines. The company uses solutions from Autodesk and Symetri to construct and design the machines of their window production. The tools have simplified, streamlined and automated NorDan's

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More efficient product development at Movomech

Applying Lean Engineering methodology in practice minimised sources of error and increased product quality that save time and money.

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Merius optimises Design processes with Lean Engineering

Merius provides design, consultation and project management services, and lean thinking has always been part of the company’s way of working and a big factor in its success.

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Webinar library: Simulation

Watch recorded webinars and videos around Simulation. You can watch these at any time and learn more about the benefits of simulation for designers and engineers, and the use of different tools, like CFD and Nastran In-CAD.

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How to create your 3D pipe designs with ease?

Pipe design in Autodesk Inventor can be a challenge and for many years designers have asked from us Why isn’t there a workable 3D-piping tool for Autodesk Inventor? With our customers we have developed a piping tool that allows you to finally design with ease - SOVELIA Inventor Piping.

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Anders Mellingen

Anders Mellingen

Director Nordics, Product Design & Lifecycle

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